Woman attempted to murder girl with knife at Green Island high while students watch



“I applaud d school girl for defending her self, the other came to attack her an she she defend her self…. Good tumbs up”

“The skool girl should a kill her idiot”

“Yes Man never judge a book by its cover, a should a did deh deh fi help d school girl fight u raas… Glad how d school girl deal with u man whether ur a Schooler ur self r not, u caah come look fi fight school pickney worst a that u come with knife..”

“This is how people be watching videoing cheering and watch people die, but da gal da out a order tho, but u no see David slu goliate.”

“Pink blouse suh ups…..Yo too nuff school yo gone, gone fight off people gal pickney……see wa dem a fight fa now……foolishness…..gal defend yo self yes.yes……..big up my school……..Green Island high”




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