Nashville – Vian Izak, a project composed of producer Vian Izak and illustrator Hein Zaayman, released a 32 page comic book in conjunction with a two song EP every month from July 2017 to December 2017. The July release, Starlit Summer’s Eve, saw coverage from comic news giant Newsarama ( ) and a promo video filmed at Spotify NYC which was shared on the streaming platform’s socials ( ). Additionally, Izak’s second single was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists in Iceland and Norway along with additional additions in Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Canada. His third single, The London Air Raids, was shared on Spotify’s Twitter page ( ) and added to playlists. The project has seen almost a dozen playlist placements, currently has over 100k monthly listeners, and the web comic receives over a thousand visitors a month. Over the span of his one year career so far Izak has received millions of streams, charted on multiple Spotify Viral Charts, and collaborated with esteemed acts like Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

City of Love is the final chapter in a six chapter series. The song explores opposites and duality both musically and lyrically with Izak comparing the good in life with the bad. The verses also start in d minor and then suddenly switch to d major for the chorus leaving the listener with a narrative of change. The b side, Red Poppy Fields, started when Izak visited northern France and saw the cratered marked ground still present from WW1. Baffled by the destruction Izak reflects in the lyrics, “This is the real life where even our friends fight. And love fades to the west.”

Vian Izak’s Adventures, the title of the comic book series, follows characters Vian and Hein as they travel through the Arctic on a journey of strange and mysterious phenomenons where they encounter African animals roaming the wastes, massive ancient sculptures, solid ground beneath ice and more. The highly intellectual and philosophical story winds through bizarre and complex turns in the vein of a 1940s radio drama throughout its 32 pages. This month is the final chapter in the comic release! Early in 2018 the comic will be released in physical form along with a physical compilation of the past six releases. Read the epic tale here:




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