Vendor Stabbed Visually-impaired Man in Downtown Kingston

Written by on Feb 11, 2018

Vendor Stabbed & Killed Visually-impaired Man in Downtown Kingston


A visually-impaired man is now battling for life in hospital after he was attacked and stabbed by a female vendor at the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston on Saturday.

It is understood that the 58-year-old Clive Mullings of an East Road address, was travelling through the market when he accidentally knocked over a tray of eggs belonging to the vendor.

What happened after that has left several persons in the commercial hub of Kingston in shock.

Alleged eyewitness reported that an argument developed between the two and during the heated exchange, the woman reportedly used a piece of board to hit the senior citizen, and then stabbed him. She later fled the scene.

“The man blind a go through and a sell him hat dem fi survive, and him accidentally lick over the girl tray of eggs. First she lick him [even] after a woman cross the street offer fi pay her $700 fi the tray, and she still stab him, and then grab up her pickney and run,” an eyewitness claimed.

On Saturday the news of the attack along with rumours that the blind man had died triggered shock and anger among scores of Jamaicans who expressed outrage over the development.

Tempers would subside among some members of the public after checks with the Darling Street Police Station confirmed the incident but revealed that the man had not been killed, but was in hospital in serious condition.

“He is not dead, he has been admitted on the ward at the Kingston Public Hospital,” a source at the Darling Street Police Station explained.

“We got the call at about 8 a.m. and we responded and carried him to the hospital. He was walking through Coronation market, and he is visually-impaired so he hit over the egg vendor’s tray and she hit him with a board, stabbed him, and then ran away, the police are seeking her now.”

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