Shakill Is a rapper, songwriter born April 18th, 1994 Jane and finch Toronto. He currently resides in the Brampton Ontario.

“The first verse he ever wrote is forever etched in his mind . He began writing a remix to Christina Milan ” dip it low”. His opening lyrics were ” you hear Christina talking bout dip it down low bring it up slow , always popping never stopping it, Yall can’t stop the way she dropping it “. Mind you he was only 11 at the time …..”

“Shakill then known as “Solo” quickly learned that the life of an artist is not easy. As a kid, Shakill was in the studio for hours at a time……….. He described multiple times he would literally be in the studio for 12-13 hours a day….”


“Shakill was able to fully master recording and delivery. And began learning other aspects of music, under the tutelage of artists such as Jhyve, Ellis, Northern Profit, Arthur Mcarthur, Tre Armstrong ( judge on so you think you can dance Canada,) Michael Pope (of Canadian group Inessence), Chaka Demus and pliers ( dancehall Grammy nominated artist) and Dream Touch Agency”

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