Reggae Singer Stabbed to Death, 25-y-o France Nooks

Written by on Feb 8, 2018

Reggae Singer Stabbed to Death, 25-y-o France Nooks


Bob Marley’s birthday will forever be a day of pain for Margo Douglas as her nephew, aspiring entertainer France Nooks was stabbed to death, allegedly during an altercation with a taxi-driver on that day.

“It is a major shock, a part of me is completely gone, everything has changed for me, my definitions have changed, half of me is gone, even my hellos are different,” a distraught Margo Douglas explained on Thursday, two days after the young man’s death.

The 25-year-old died while undergoing treatment at the Andrews Memorial Hospital from a stab wound allegedly inflicted by the cabbie with whom he had had an argument over an additional $100 cost above the regular fare charged to traverse the route that leads past the Bob Marley museum.

“He was a gentle soul, grateful, humble, and supportive. He was a blessing, a good role model for my son, Meleku, (Sizzla’s son) who wants to be an artiste because of France. He was my son’s big brother, my son’s inspiration. I have seen doors close on him, and he never gave up, he would try, try, try again, and he was just about to get his break, a show overseas,” she said.

The police are yet to apprehend the taxi-driver.

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