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I was born on the 5th of Feb. 1993 in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Which is also where I lived with my parents and siblings till the age of 9. After that my mother, my siblings and I moved to Zürich and my father stayed back in Abu Dhabi. During my time in the UAE I attended an American school. My Childhood in Abu Dhabi felt somewhat isolated from the world. After moving to Zürich I was placed in an integration class, which is basically a school that concentrates on teaching you German and integrating all the migrants into local society. Naturally tensions where high  at this school as you had a lot of frustrated kids from all different nationalities and cultures. After a year of learning German I was placed in regular schooling where I did OK. My father used to send CDs in the mail for me and my siblings. It was through theses CDs that I found my love for Rap and started writing and recording my first tracks at the age of 12.


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