Man Shot Dead In Shootout With the Police in Spanish Town

Written by on Feb 13, 2018

Man Shot Dead In Shootout With the Police in Spanish Town


One man, who is yet to be identified, is dead after a running gun battle in Spanish Town, St Catherine between cops and brazen gunmen Tuesday afternoon.

Reports are that about 1 pm, a group of gunmen traveling towards Spanish Town challenged the cops who gave chase. The car crashed into a parish council vehicle along Brunswick Avenue. The men fled but not before the police killed one of them.

Police diverted traffic so that the scene could be processed.

The St Catherine North division, which includes Spanish Town, has been a hotbed of activity since the start of the year. It is the bloodiest in the entire country with at least 30 murders since January 1.

Police have theorised that intra-gang violence within the notorious Clansman gang has been responsible for the upsurge in murders in the division.

On Sunday night, three men were shot dead in the volatile Thompson Pen community near Spanish Town.

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