Listen To Vybz Kartel X Phillip T2K – Gold Gad (Skinny Jeans & Jordan Gold) February 2016

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Vybz Kartel X Phillip T2K – Gold Gad (Skinny Jeans & Jordan Gold) © 2016

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  • song bad still bt nuh use e don name so yute u wi get a gaza box

  • The Song Bad🔥And All Who A Say This Anuh Kartel Uno Anuh Real Gaza Fanz Sumh Mus Wrong With Uno Hearing Are Sumh…

  • sound like a cross between alkaline and kartel. but we know it's fake. but the tune shot still.

  • nope not kartel that good try. almost but the world boss fans not dumb.

  • song mad but where's the world boss?

  • stop use vybz kartell fe busss go suck out yu mather big or tite pussy batty boy or man u bdont fit for dancehall

  • still GaZa u sah song sound good still on still

  • youth u song sound good so stop the fuckery an no babba with the lieing thing because people a nuh fool vydz kartel no ina the songs ….Just wait u trun u thing up G….. AKAM losing off a u star nuh do wat man…… kmft……

  • yow stop style da world boss boy do u r tune dem an stop use world boss for foward

  • free world boss

  • 👑👑👑

  • sounds like alkaline

  • youth soon like alkaline song bad but anuh Kartel DAT

  • mad song love it up

  • Song wack vybz only said one word

  • People a splice songs now ? If this is Vybz Kartle he had a off day recording this song, This sound like someone with a vybz kartel sound, just my opinion

  • good effort but techa fanz know him voice bless up U self from a Gaza U seh

  • youth your song sound good..keep up the work

  • teacher it mad keep it up dog

  • is he tryna sound like alkaline or vybz? BOTH I FINK!! BUT KARTEL STARTED DAT FLOW

  • akam go suck uh muma pussy

  • mi ago help u promote u song bro stop use worl boss bro u a bad dj up 

  • Addi nuh sing fuckery

  • yow dawg kartel to di bloodclawt wurl bet man pussy clawt money yea yow

  • Lol the fact Tht kartel actually does knows this nigga. I seen a old picture with him and the boss

  • 😄😄😂😂😂😂😂 jah know good try but kartel nuh deh pon di song

  • don't sound like the real Kartel

  • Him singing fava alkaline

  • haha lol

    that is not kartel

  • Money 16 Big Up Vybz Kartel Skinny Jeans & Jordan's Gazzzzzzzzza!!!!



  • fuck up and use ur own name

  • Dah song yah a gold🎤🎤 di gaza full a things yuh nuh know bout

  • Yh

  • song shatt still. Him go close to kartel voice

  • anno the boss dat …everybody a look a hype offa the man name

  • NICE

  • song fi real

  • gaza . but if teacher take the beats he gonna bun up .

  • the song up. Neva affi use teach a name youth..

  • Song bad naa lie. ..creativity up

  • Phillip WHO??

  • up bro flow maad🆙 keep up the goodwork GOlD GAD👍

  • even the drawing of vybz look fake

  • ''People him well wah buss but he won't if him a do this.''.

  • Gold fucking gad
    Lol fucking idiot

  • knock-off kartel and alkaline

  • made in china