Listen To Alkaline – Try Again (Raw) [Memory Lane Riddim] January 2016

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Alkaline – Try Again – Memory Lane Riddim © 2016
Produced by Lee Milla Productions

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  • I luv dis song

  • I'm not a alkaline fan but u have to give the nigha ratingz most people seh dem hate but still listen to his songs a lot don't judge the nigha he have some good song I'm a vybz kartel fan but also listen to alkaline cuz u have fi be honest the nigha songs are fucking good and ye kartel also have more good songs but don't diss and judge the nigha

  • every getto yutes have fi try again jah know starm

  • Bad song rate it

  • some pussy ass niggas fi stop compare the man with vybz kartel ..alkaline bad the yute a put out some good music give the him glory #chapionboy

  • fact dis tune was close tuh uh mil views n dum tek down da one…but anyways mad alka tru song👏

  • nice song … affi mek it.. ^^^^^ up

  • mek dah year yah

  • new alkaline weh name comany it dutty

  • alkaline is a boss but he in bad like Kartel

  • up mih bby alka

  • nice song

  • I like this song

  • this song sounds sad and cool

  • this song had more views

  • ßìçk thíng ………daddy

  • bruh hold on likkle, dag weh the next try again song pon the next channel weh did almost reach 600k views, a wah dem take it down or sumn cuz ma scroll throw and ma say yow when since alka views drop from 600k to 60k yow

  • It slap weh

  • It slap eeh

  • tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up up

  • he needs to ease off the autotune. At the beginning of his career, he didn't use any

  • The song bad put up more good songs yute

  • 🔥🎶🔥

  • 🔥🎶🔥

  • BEST ALKALINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • we love u try to smoke nice song

  • Bad bad song,,,, yes youth

  • As long as you have breath in your body, always try to perfect yourself!!! I'm a vendetta fan can't hate the (((POWER)))

  • Yah did well likle yout

  • Reggae Rally 2016 Give thanks Soldiers

  • Love It!!!

  • fuck up di place youth tek ova.

  • Gaza me say stra8888 but props but Gaza run tings

  • Boy Alkaline just win again,really champion boy.Big son youth.

  • 'Nuh watch the rolex pon mi hand,
    mi gold chain weh cost 10 grand US,
    nuh badmind Sunshine fi the van,
    wi affi work hard like any other man,
    nuh hate Vendetta fi the power,
    dawg wi have the same 24 hour,
    from modern days until now a,
    mi a dream big, a same thing yuh fi duh…'

    lyrics & tune.. mi luv when alka deal wid reality songs

  • I love it… keep showing them your versatility 🔥🔥🔥🆙💯

  • not a big fan of Alkaline but you have to give credit where its due.. big up sound good.

  • If u don't rate the artist don't listen him song and complain bout what him a do jah know never wah see a youth rise the man Badda than all them other artist only kartel in front him right now

  • im slowly becoming a alklaine fan

  • sounds gud

  • Men it da year yah fi tru

  • up alkaline try again

  • 2016

  • BAEEEE 😍 😍

  • Mad

  • it bad man. melody sound good. ratings alkaline fi this one. kinda inspirational. #2016

  • vendetta

  • #2016 mad and bad

  • 2016

  • all love for this song