Karamanti Releases Motivational Dancehall Video

Karamanti has just released the official video for the track “note to self,” a song featured on the Life 101 Riddim by Blakkwuman22 Music. As oppose to uploading it as an official video, which is customary for music visuals shared on YouTube, Karamanti has instead titled the upload as a motivational video. This was done because of the very strong inspirational messages laid out throughout the entire song.

Note to self” is literally a highly stimulating track which energizes its listeners and causes them to seriously ponder, and address if necessary, how they are being treated by others. Using lyrics such as “work pan yu emotion – self confidence determination – your rules your world your creation – always have high meditation,” Karamanti advices everyone to believe in themselves and never make the mistake of thinking anyone is above them. Watch the ‘motivational’ video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QArdaNx1sbk

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