A recent photo posted to social media has become a topic of much debate as it invokes disgust and even anger in all persons who have seen.

The distasteful photo showed a man who is said to be the father of the young school girl who has just graduated from High School. The photo was captioned stating that a father was congratulating his daughter on the successful completion of the second leg of her educational journey, but how he does it is a cause for much concern and distaste to social media users.

The adult man, said to be the young girl’s father was engaged in a lip-locked with his daughter in a french kiss as they posed for a photograph. The young girl was also in her school uniform and was garnished with corsage.

Mother And Daughter Gave Birth To Baby Same Week For Same Man

We are not yet sure of the school that the child attends or sure if the man is indeed the father of the graduate.



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