It took Ishawna less than a day to respond to Danielle D.I. new diss track.

Ishawna undoubtedly won the first round and now we are into the second round dancehall fans are speaking. The “Equal Rights” deejay unleashed another vicious diss track titled “Walking Dead” where she disrespected Danielle D.I. mother who is battling a life threatening illness and also took some serious shots at Dancehall Queen Carlene. Of course, Carlene got involved in the feud when she said a few words on D.I.’s new diss track “Street Bicycle.”

“My mother kick off hospital door / And take yo mumma off a life support / Seaview mi born Jones Town mi whole family a war boat,” Ishawna sings. “Yo say me f*** he she and the whole navy / But me pu*** Gucci you a Old Navy / You a try how long now you a old lady / Yo womb dry rotten can’t bring no baby.” Ishawna did get some criticism over some of her lyrics about Danielle D.I.’s mother who is hospitalized.


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