Gucci Mane drop his new album, Mr. Davis, in October and now he might drop his next project, El Gato, by the end of the year.

Gucci is known to drop a lot of project simultaneously so this move shouldn’t come as a surprise. About two weeks after dropping Mr. Davis, the Atlanta rapper announced his next album, El Gato: The Human Glacier, on Twitter. “I’m naming my next album #El Gato the #HumanGlacier I wanna make 10 mo million for my honeymoon #1017 #MrDavisTheAlbum,” he tweeted.

Sources around the production are saying that he is looking to drop the album before Christmas. “The album is coming possibly before Christmas and that’s a fact,” sources told us. “El Gato look out because it will be album of the year contender and some surprise guest will be on it. This will be a Christmas present for the fans.” Gucci Mane just renewed his contract with Atlantic Records for a whopping $10 million, so perhaps that was the $10 million he spoke of when he announced that album last month.

Gucci Mane has released 11 studio albums since 2005 and since his released from prison last year May he released four albums including a joint project with Metro Boomin, DropTopWop. Gucci has been laser focused on making his money this year and has even found a way to profit off his wedding by having it broadcast on BET live. Seems he also found a way to profit off his honeymoon.



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