A powerful innovator in America’s densely-populated western frontier, 22-year-old Garrett Lodge is an electronic artist bred from the iconic, immersive music scene in Los Angeles. California. Revering artist titans such as Kanye West, Porter Robinson, Daft Punk, and Disclosure, Garrett reflects a clearly blended range of genre influences. With his convenient ownership of L.A. recording studio, The Lodge LLC, Garrett has mastered his chosen craft by solely producing with Propellerhead’s “DAW Reason” controller. Frequenting collaborations with Malcolm Anthony of K Theory and Tate Tucker, his work heavily features progressively structured hip-hop and R&B mixing on electronic bass or 80s synth. Lodge’s ambition to curate perfectly melded harmonies of his greatest music influences is only just beginning. “Hollyworld” ft. Malcolm Anthony is the latest forthcoming single from Garrett Lodge helmed under Nice Manor.

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