My name is Edikit. I am from Plantation, FL (Greater Fort Lauderdale area). I am a 26 year old Hip Hop artist who has a passion for creating meaningful Hip Hop music that drives the listener to do more than just “vibe.” My aim, as an artist, is to have my listeners truly reflect upon (or contemplate) what it is I am trying to convey in each song. For that purpose, I constantly experiment with different flows, rhyme schemes, tones/deliveries, and topics/subject matter. I strive to improve my craft and ultimately myself. In my opinion, the greatest reward any musician can receive is the knowledge that his or her music impacted or influenced his or her listeners (preferably on a positive level). This is my primary goal, my main ambition, and my quintessential dream.

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I sincerely hope this song submission meets the criteria or is consistent with the type of music you post. I have only recently discovered the website, but thoroughly enjoyed what I read and listened to. You provide a positive platform for many upcoming independent artists who make positive music. I too share your vision in spreading music that is uplifting, encouraging, and maybe even inspiring. With that, I say thank you for your time.



This is the mastered and final version of this song. This is track #4 (of 14) off my second mixtape, The Remake Factory.

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