Los Angeles based artist Chris Ayer delivers a timeless indie pop single amidst a world of chaos.

(Los Angeles, CA) November 3rd, 2017 – Chris Ayer has done it again. The LA native has taken his songwriting and vocal performance to another level with his latest single ‘Heavy.’

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Chris Ayer has honed his craft over nearly a decade’s worth of countless performances across the globe. In 2014, Chris moved from New York City to Los Angeles. Shortly after relocating to the West Coast, Chris’s music began to gain traction throughout Europe and The UK, specifically in The Netherlands and England. Ayer’s last two singles, ’Stay Another Night’ and ’On the Blvd’ have a combined total of nearly 2.5 million streams on Spotify. Stay Another Night’ landed in the Spotify Viral 50 in Denmark and Holland, it was featured on Spotify’s Bae Playlist, and it hovered on Hype Machine’s Twitter Music Chart for a couple weeks. Most recently, In April, Chris capped off his national tour of the U.S. with a critically acclaimed performance in front of 5500 screaming fans at AFAS Live in Amsterdam. Chris was also a featured performer at the 2017 PinkPop Festival in The Netherlands, where he shared a bill with the likes of Green Day, Martin Garrix, and Kings of Leon.

‘Heavy’ is an emotional reality check for listeners of all ages. Ayer’s poignant lyrics find a way to subtly strike at the hearts of both millennials and baby-boomers with pinpoint accuracy. The post modern production sets the mood while the soaring vocals and raunchy guitar riffs seal the deal. For this release, Chris has collaborated with the hottest up and coming writers LA has to offer, including producer Keith Varon (Federal Empire, Nightly, Lindsey Stirling) and top-liner Jessica Vaughn (Laces, Charlotte Sometimes, BRZY). This trio of talent is proving to be a lethal combination of songwriting and production. Listen for yourself!



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