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Vian Izak – City of Love

Nashville - Vian Izak, a project composed of producer Vian Izak and illustrator Hein Zaayman, released a 32 page comic book in conjunction with a two song EP every month from July 2017 to December 2017. The J...

Kwasi x HFNR – Downtown

Melbourne rapper/producer duo Kwasi x HFNR are back with a brand new sound and single via WVS, with the smooth, moody new tune DOWNTOWN. Following their previous W...

Nsolo – Faith @nsolowav @PayProOVP

Faith is a song based in the idea of attempting to speak to someone who exists beyond the level of physical, and trying to reach them in a spiritual way. It also follows the inner conflict and sorrow involved ...

Kozikoz – Sirens Off @PayProOVP

Here is my newest single “Sirens Off”. I wrote this song to bring awareness to mental illnesses including depression, and PTSD. These invisible illnesses are mentally and emotionally harmful and of...
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