Without Love is about being too hurt to let love in, even though you wish you could. The remix provides a lighter take on the song, with Liverpool-based electronic producer cobble adding a chilled, laid-back vibe.

Infectious remix that gives the original a more electronic bass fueled edge with lots of space.

NYC based production duo The Intangiblez are back with an innovative, aggressive trap remix of Desiigners hit record “Panda”. Uptempo beats and unique drops featuring bugged out chops and air raid synths give a refreshing take on this monster record.

BLAKKOUT TOUR is a series of dance and live stage shows planned for April 2015 in different locations across the island of Jamaica.   The tour was created to highlight Jamaica’s underground music scene which is unfortunately over shadowed by a lot of commercial sounds and hype. The BLAKKOUT TOUR will feature several artists and […]

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