The authenticity of the video is not known, however persons online have been going crazy over it.

In the video you see men dragging a young boy who they accused of steal in yard and throwing in a shallow grave then proceed to bury him.

Jamaica TakeOut cannot confirm or deny the authenticity of the video below..

Many viewers expressed shock and anger after watching the video.

Viewer Comments:

The police need to find these animals n give them the full length of the law. They don’t deserve to breathe air. This is awful.

Omg is this real jesus mi belly

This really real jesus jesus jesus have mercy on us

No law ..Jah forgive me but mek dis case be an eye for an eye….sighs

Where you get this fyah pon Jamaica if this is going on and nobody fi help kmt this is such a shame Jesus send a warning to those wicked in Jamaica


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