Welcome to AUTOMatic’s new album Marathon! Emcee APRIME 3099 and producer Trellmatic’s latest effort features 11 tracks of hip-hop blended with funk, soul, jazz, and R&B. The lead single “Talkin Bout Love” is a strong, positive vibration that seeks to add a little more love into the universe, and the 2nd and 3rd singles (“Speak To Me” and “You Don’t Love Me”) show off the other sides of the AUTOMatic’s songwriting and production skills. This is the Milwaukee smooth hip-hop group’s 4th full length and 1st since 2012’s Art Imitates Life.

We, AUTOMatic, as a group and as individuals, sincerely thank everybody who had a hand in the making of Marathon and truly love all the people that have supported us from the beginning of AUTOMatic or from the beginning of today.


Released November 11, 2016

2016 – Transistor Sound Entertainment & Grown Man Collective

Written by APRIME 3099
Beats by Trellmatic
Mixed/Mastered by Charles “Mammyth” Forsberg
Executive Producers – APRIME 3099 and JC Poppe

“Triple Lindy” beat by JDL Rockwell
Triple Lindy written by APRIME 3099, SigNif, Stricklin
Additional background vocals on “Talkin Bout Love” by Colin Plant
Cuts on “Pure AUTOMatic”/”What’s The Good Word” by DJ LoveLess

Recorded at PlantLand by Colin Plant
Art and Layout by Damon Joy
Photos by Ku Mays
CD Replication by Sooper Dooper

Booking/Management – JC Poppe (

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