Shortly after putting on a well received performance at this year’s Reggae Sumfest Tifa shared her dissatisfaction.

It was very clear from the get-go that Tifa was not too happy about the time slot she performed on the popular music festival. She used her Instagram platform to chide the local dancehall industry for what she called bias and buyout. Shenseea, who is a dancehall newcomer, performed at a later time than TIFA, but some folks questioned the move by promoters.

“There is too much f***ing buy out, bias, friend thing & fight down inna dancehall music,” Tifa said. “That’s why we Can’t reach nowhere! We need fi stop promote f***ry!!! Nuff talented artists nah get them just shine & highlight because of foolishness !!! That’s why our music can never be better & reach it’s true potential & others will continue to capitalize & use our music to hit billboard and we deh ya a bleach pon certain selecta fi scream out ova certain song weh nah go nowhere!!! Anyways my performance was awesome even tho the time given to me was a sh*tty time.”

Shenseea responded to Tifa’s rant saying that she is a hard worker and that other female artists should quit complaining and get to work. “Women should stop complaining about the industry is male dominated etc,” she said. “If majority a y’all united with each other and never stop badmind and want success for unu self the industry woulda better. If I see a female taking over I don’t try to tear them down, I allow them to motivate me to reach their level or surpass. Aint nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, it’s just not right to have a selfish mindset and attitude. At the end of the day we as Artistes are not just making music for ourselves. Music is not a competition once you love it and the moment you start to stalk and spend time watching other people’s success and comparing it to your life is the moment you start to fail.”

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