Therapy Session chronicles the rapper’s challenges on his road to maturity and the things that have held the back.
Jay’ Major calls out his struggles as well as societal issues on this project and faces them head on.
The rapper says this body of work will appeal to anybody who is growing through a lot, as he urges all on the path to an ultimate healing.

The project boast’s lush project, over deep poetic lyrical content, and energetic delivery as the rapper delivers rather passionately. Cop this project, it is a rare body of work which should be added to your playlist.


01. The Doctors 

02. The Vine 

03. Slow Jamz

04. Glory

05. X 

06. Scarecrow

07. De Javu (Ft. Edako) 

08. The Addiction

09. The Ignorance

10. My Hands Up (Ft. Rhemee)

11. Therapy (Ft. Belinda)

12. Necessary

13. Wondering Feet 


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